The God Made a Farmer ad from Ram Trucks that ran during the Superbowl now has more than 11 million pages views.

It also spawned a bevy of other 'God Mades' such as my tweet on February 4: "Financing for Ram trucks made possible via securitization, but "God made a banker" just not as catchy.

Two days later MarketWatch contributor Brett Arends posted a snarky version of God Made a Banker, which entertainingly listed a bunch of things bankers don't even do.

For example: "I need someone who will then foreclose on those homes, kick out the occupants, and switch off the air conditioning and the plumbing, and watch the houses turn back into dirt."

A better satire since came in the form of God Made a Realtor. Prudential Realtor Whitney Pannell posted a funny video below quoting the actions of the Almighty. And her story featured in RIS media as a result.

It's also entertaining, and better yet, it's accurate as well.