We've all heard horror stories about foreclosure, but none is sure to be as terrifying as "Foreclosure," a new film set to debut in 2011. The story takes place in an abandoned neighborhood, where the financial crisis has tightened its grip and squeezed out all homeowners. One house is still occupied, and not just by human beings. The slogan for the movie is "Ghosts don't move out," and the family living in the neighborhood is tormented by the haunting. Now, I know what you're thinking. Dealing with the government, a tenant, a landlord, a broker, an agent, a maintenance man…all these things are way more difficult than a few ghosts. Heck, if people are scared of your house, no one will come service you hi-touch style. But I wouldn't be too sure. What if your house were haunted by a former debt collector? Ocwen Loan Servicing? Chevon Bacchus? EEK!! The main characters in "Drag me to Hell" had the opposite problem: they refused a plea for a third mortgage payment extension from an elderly borrower who happens to be a witch. It seems like ghosts will fight on either side of the foreclosure battle. I tried to find the "Foreclosure" movie trailer, but was unsuccessful. Perhaps it's in the modification process. Write to Christine Ricciardi.