Last week, HousingWire got a company e-mail from No Paws Left Behind, a pet rescue agency based out of Houston. The e-mail said that the agency found a litter of kittens in a foreclosed and abandoned house in one of Houston's suburbs. They didn't know how old the kittens were and didn't know how long they had been at the vacant property. My heart immediately melted. Over the past couple of months that I've worked at HousingWire, I've learned a lot about foreclosure. Enough to know that those kittens were, firstly having a ball in an empty house and secondly, living in an increasingly deteriorating property that could eventually be a questionable and dangerous habitat for them. So my love of kittens collided with the ills of foreclosure, but the love won out. I am now a proud parent to Mowgli and Glitch, my little Oriental Colorpoint kitties. Now this is a story with a happy ending, the kittens were rescued and then adopted. But there's something to be learned from this experience, and that my friends, is the importance of loss mitigation. And it just goes to show that borrowers can be a little cold-hearted themselves. Write to Christine Ricciardi.