The foreclosure crisis has been blamed for causing many problems in communities across America.

Now a woman living in Studio City, Calif., is blaming her recent contraction of the West Nile Virus on a foreclosure next door, the LA Daily News reported.

So what is the source of her complaint?

Apparently, the home's original owner left in December, leaving behind a fetid pool that is now green with algae and insects — the perfect environment for raising mosquitoes.

The Studio City homeowner claims she tried to get the bank to take care of the property, filing complaints with code enforcement, public officials and bank officers.

She recently tested positive for West Nile Virus and believes the pool is what attracted infected mosquitoes to the million-dollar neighborhood. And, of course, progress came too late.

In recent weeks, two people have moved in, saying they are renting the property and plan to clean the pool.

At the moment, another person on the same block is waiting for test results to see if they may have contracted West Nile Virus.

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