The name Elizabeth Warren is one with diverging commentary attached to it. On paper, Warren is an Oklahoma native with a degree from George Washington University, a job teaching law at Harvard University and a close connection to her family. She was senate majority leader Harry Reid's head watchdog over the government's $700bn bailout fund and is considered "one of us" by consumer advocates, labor unions and academics alike. In person, however, some -- mainly conservatives -- describe her as a power hungry beast that could potentially ruin Wall Street by overprotecting borrowers and treating lenders and loan originators as manipulative Don Juans. The following video, a promo for her election to lead the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection enacted under Dodd-Frank, shows she obviously has a soft side. It is, in fact, professionally done (produced and directed by Rachel McDonald). But if you're going to aim to appeal to the funkier middle-America, why are you emblematizing gold chains and shoes? And I thought rap videos required at least one good dancer. Either way, get your surgeon mask on; this video has gone viral.