New year, same problems. The Daily Show's effervescent Jon Stewart offers a biting, sardonic look at both the state of the economy and the growing distrust of big banks by many consumers. "If you still have a job, your boss is now allowed to sleep with your spouse, no questions asked," Stewart jokes, in reference to the nation's 10+ percent unemployment rate and how lucky many employees are to still be gainfully employed. But the real target of his ire? Bank bonuses. "Let me get this straight: the only people that have fully recovered from the financial meltdown, are the people that caused the financial meltdown?" Stewart quips. "And by recovered, I mean dipping their balls in GOLD." Of course, I tend to see things a little differently: more like a big pool. Wall Street built the pool, structured the pool, and filled it with water -- and Main Street decided to jump in for a swim. When a whole bunch of dookies started floating around in the pool water, everyone jumped out as fast as they possibly could -- and started arguing whose crap it was that ruined the pool for everyone. And nobody wants to own up to crapping in the pool water, now do they?
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Clusterf#@k to the Poor House - Wall Street Bonuses
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