CNN Money released a list of the top 20 highest paying jobs -- and to the surprise of many here in the newsroom -- not one position on Wall Street was listed. Indeed, financial firms employees are persona non grata. Yes, not one hedge fund manager, not one stock trader, not one bank executive, not one mortgage broker made the top 20. In short, no one who would read this website is on this list. What gives? We're working hard here! Instead the list was full of specialized doctors, software engineers and senior sale executives. (Not to mention the best friend on speed dial: our psychiatrist.) The closest position to anything dealing with finance was an accounting director who makes an average of $112,000 a year. Come to think of it, financial executives or professionals in the mortgage space didn't crack in the top spots on any of the other CNN Money lists -- including jobs with the best growth or the best quality of life. Did CNN give the sector a miss for a reason, or is it a common misconception that Wall Street execs make all the cash? Don't answer that. However, banks are relinquishing their credibility, Wall Street executives are constantly under scrutiny, and mortgage brokers work outside the W2. It really could be that working as an anesthesiologist and making $290,000 is a better idea than trading funds and lending to borrowers. At least you have insurance for when you mess up. Write to Christine Ricciardi.