When thinking of diverse metropolitans, the most common ones coming to mind are San Francisco, New York City and Fort Lauderdale.

But what about diverse neighborhoods? The diversity people experience daily is an immediate result of the neighborhood they live in.

The question remains, what is most diverse neighborhood in America? Irving, Texas, of course.

Located in the former home of Cowboy’s Stadium, also known as JerryWorld, sits the most diverse neighborhoods of America, Broadmoor Hills and Song in the zip code 75038, according to a trend report from online listing service Trulia.

The racial or ethic group make up in Irving is 26% Asian, 25% Black, 23% Hispanic and 23% White.

Following behind Irving is Queens Village, NY, San Francisco, Calif., and Houston.

All of these neighborhoods share a common trend. They are not the most central, best-known areas or densest. Also, many of the neighborhoods are located in metro areas that aren’t especially diverse overall – i.e. Texas.

Is diversity a good thing for housing? 


When comparing diverse neighborhoods – no racial or ethic group accounts for more than 50% of the population – the more diverse, the higher the population growth and stronger housing price growth.

Many are moving toward diverse neighborhoods and a result, the growth could affect its diversity.

For instance, if diverse neighborhoods rise, lower-income homeowners may be priced out gradually over time.

While this is clearly hypothetical, it does make one wonder how long diversity will remain a trend and if Irving will hold its top spot for much longer. Texans have faith that it will.