Here at HousingWire, one of our favorite tactics for delaying actual work is talking about tactics for overcoming the inevitable Zombie apocalypse. Just today, we decided that floating in the middle of a pool with a gun probably wouldn't deter those pesky brain eaters. Alas.

But if a certain theme park comes to fruition, we may be able to actually test out our theories rather than draw diagrams on the newsroom dry erase board.

Entrepreneur Mark Siwak has concocted what I believe to be a brilliant plan to turn an abandoned and decaying part of Detroit into a full-on Zombie Theme Park, which he said would make use of the otherwise undesired space and create a bunch of jobs to put Detroit's citizens (or at least the one's willing to dress up like a Zombie and drool for a living) to work.

The potential 200-acre theme park would allow visitors to try and keep away from hundreds of roving zombies. You would enter through the staging ground and be given some time to find a hiding place and supplies before a small hoard of zombies are released. They are looking for brains, and if they find yours, you play out the rest of the game as a zombie.

But this isn't some 30-minute thrill ride. The game lasts all night. Basically, this is one huge game of tag for adults. What more could you really ask for?

There won't be actual weapons (I mean, I guess that's understandable), but there will be specially designed tear-away patches. Once your patches are gone, you're a zombie. Feel free to turn on your friends and dine on their flesh (read: Their patches).

In a video explaining the project, Siwak points to the areas of Michigan that are more than 50% abandoned, and shows a few charts on how they got there.

"This isn't about complaining about Detroit," he said. "This is about doing something about it. More importantly, doing something fun and interesting about it."

Siwak is asking for donations to get the project off the ground (guess the Zombie banks aren't on board). To donate, go to the website here. While there, watch the video, read the idea and get excited.

I wish you luck, Mr. Siwak. If this thing ever gets done, I'll be one of the first through the door – equipped with my book of zombie-fighting tips from HousingWire.