As the end of 2018 quickly approaches, there’s no better time to honor those top-level company leaders that have had an incredible year. Whether they are the cheerleader pushing their teams to greater success or exponential growth, we want to recognize those amazing leaders! Haley Knighton, the new program manager for the HousingWire Editorial Awards programs, turned to the expert, HousingWire Online Editor Caroline Basile, to get the inside scoop on what makes a great Vanguard.

Q. What can make a nomination stand out?

CB: We consider all nominations equally but the ones that stand out are well-rounded and present accomplishments from the last 12 months, whether it be an increase in revenue year-over-year, a new product, or achieving and surpassing growth targets.

Q. What types of achievements make a Vanguard?

CB: We are looking for industry impact, which is a broad term, I know. Our Vanguards are executives recognized for leading change within the industry, either by leading their companies into new, unchartered territories, crushing it by meeting and exceeding goals, or bringing meaningful change to the greater mortgage finance and housing industry.

Q. Any tips on submitting nominations?

CB: Yes, I have three pointers I think will help every submission go smoothly:

  1. Have a checklist of what information of what you need to include, so you don’t forget anything (including a photo!).
  2. Make sure you include all of the necessary information the submission form asks for.
  3.  Don’t submit multiple nominations for the same executive. In fact, it sends a negative impression if there is evidence of an organized campaign to send multiple nominations for the same executive.

Q. What does the honor of being a Vanguard do for you?

CB: Our Vanguards are recognized for being gamechangers within the housing and mortgage finance industries. They are an elite class of executive, known for having major industry impact and this honor is meant to signify and promote that accomplishment. 

Q. Can nominators only nominate someone from inside their company?

CB: Not at all! If you’re not within the company, or you work with the potential nominee in some capacity and feel passionate that they should be considered, feel free to nominate them. The most important thing about this is that you state a clear, business-oriented reason for the nomination.


Nominations end on Sept. 28, so make sure to get those nominations in before the deadline! You can find more information on each of HousingWire Editorial Awards Programs here.