Mortgage lenders have to balance two competing interests as they originate loans: the automation required for efficiency and the human touch that consumers need at different points in the process. That's no easy task, which is why we’ve invited Kate Adamson, head of mortgage at Plaid, to speak at our conference on the topic of Consumer Engagement in the Era of the Digital Mortgage.

At Plaid, Kate is responsible for onboarding mortgage customers and helping deliver Plaid's products to the lending market. She joined Plaid three years ago, and previously worked for JPMorgan in a variety of roles, from working for the COO on regulatory strategy to selling securitized products within the investment bank. 

Plaid, which provides back-end solutions for fintech companies like Venmo, Stripe, Robinhood and Acorns, is leveraging its experience with identity, asset and income verification to help mortgage lenders provide a better borrower experience.

Kate AdamsonOn an episode of our In the Winner's Circle podcast with HousingWire Editor-in-Chief Jacob Gaffney, Kate outlined why she is so passionate about her work. "We’re in a new age, and what drives me is the opportunity for merging these two worlds — the finance one that is so inculcated in process and policy, with one so fast-moving and iterative and adaptive like technology. Those two worlds coming together, personally, is really exciting."

In addition to Kate, the panel includes Mike Eshelman, head of consumer finance at Jornaya, and Tom Radle, vice president, CRM Sales, at Ellie Mae

And Kate, Mike and Tom are just three of the incredible speakers we have lined up for the conference!

Ryan Serhant of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing is our headliner.

Chris Heller, CEO of melloHome, is giving our opening keynote address. 

Cory Treffiletti, CMO of Voicera, will lead the panel on The Next Big Thing: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Voice.

Adam Constantine, digital content strategist at Movement Mortgage, will speak on Social Selling.

Matt Kaufman, head of marketing at Qualia, will speak on what the Customer Journey looks like for B2B.

Barbara Yolles, chief strategy officer at TMS, will give a master class on Marketing in the Millennial Era.

Joe Welu, CEO of Total Expert, will speak on leveraging a marketing automation platform.

Lori Brewer, founder and CEO of LBA Ware, will speak on attracting and keeping top talent.

Don't miss any of the speakers on our phenomenal lineup!

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