September is crazy busy. School-year routines have kicked back in for parents and the calendar is full of events for those in mortgage finance and real-estate. So why should you come to our event?

For marketers and sales leaders, is an opportunity to work ON your business. Instead of leaving the event exhausted after days of working the booth and arranging client events, we’ve designed a refreshing experience for you to network with colleagues, learn from peers and relax in a boutique environment.

Our theme this year is Get More, and we’re serious. We want you to get more insights, more connections and more solutions at the event so you can get more referrals, more market share and more profits when you go home.

To that end we have created an incredible lineup of panel topics that speak directly to getting you more. A few of the topics on our agenda include:

  • The Realtor/Lender Partnership: Co-Marketing and Referral Relationships in a Purchase Market
  • Master Class on Marketing to Millennials
  • Social Selling
  • Co-Marketing and RESPA concerns
  • Leveraging Marketing Automation and Lead Gen to Grow your Business

And our speakers are outstanding. Here’s a sampling:

And there are so many more! You can find all the information you need on our website, including FAQs.

Speaking of questions, we've been asked quite a bit about why we keep referring to as an event instead of a conference. That is very deliberate, I assure you.

We have intentionally set this event up for attendees to engage with speakers, vendors and each other in a less formal atmosphere, so that learning and networking come easier. So there isn't going to be an expo hall and the dress code is very casual. Like jeans and sneakers casual. Imagine you're going to a TED talk where the speaker is a guy in a gray t-shirt and you'll be right on target.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page to learn more. We are beyond excited for this event and hope you'll be joining us in Dallas for an amazing time.