Everyone has an opinion on how to best reach Millennial borrowers, but real data is hard to find. That's why we've invited marketing veteran Barbara Yolles, chief strategy officer at TMS, to speak at engage.marketing. She will conduct a session titled: Creating Trust with First-Time Homebuyers: A Master Class on Marketing in the Millennial Era. The master class will include data from a recent TMS survey that details what Millennial homebuyers are looking for in a lender. 

Barbara is a 25-year advertising veteran with a stellar marketing pedigree. Now Chief Strategy Officer at TMS, her experience includes launching the Dollar Menu at McDonalds to serving as CMO at McCann and Campbell Ewald advertising agencies, as well as CMO at United Wholesale Mortgage.

Millennials are on the cusp of buying their first home. As they lead the way for first-time homebuyers, they’re looking for companies who have a strong reputation to help them navigate the complex process. This session will help you learn how marketing can build trust and create a positive online reputation that will ignite your purchase business. Barbara's engaging, energetic style, combined with her real-world experience ,makes this a must-attend session.

And Barbara is just one of the incredible speakers we have on tap.

Ryan Serhant of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing is our headliner.

Chris Heller, CEO of mello Home, is giving our opening keynote address. 

Cory Treffiletti, CMO of Voicera, will lead the panel on The Next Big Thing: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Voice.

Adam Constantine, digital content strategist at Movement Mortgage, will speak on Social Selling.

Matt Kaufman, head of marketing at Qualia, will speak on what the customer journey looks like for B2B.

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