More exciting changes are happening at HousingWire! This week, we are announcing the acquisition of The Reverse Review.

Today, HousingWire is announcing that it has acquired the assets of Reverse Publishing, LLC and its associated media brand, The Reverse Review, from American Advisors Group.

This means a new fresh face at HousingWire. Reverse Review's Editor Jessica Guerin (pictured) is joining HousingWire’s staff as an editor. She will be leading our expanding coverage of the housing wealth market and is launching a Reverse Review newsletter.

The Reverse Review was founded in 2008 and has provided insight into the rapidly evolving reverse mortgage and home equity market. In an effort to shift its focus to educating and informing a broader audience of housing and mortgage industry professionals, HousingWire will be relaunching The Reverse Review as an e-newsletter and incorporate housing wealth coverage into HousingWire’s regular online news and as a component of its monthly magazine. Jessica Guerin

“HousingWire will build on The Reverse Review’s foundation in the reverse mortgage industry to propel our coverage of the housing wealth market, focusing in on senior housing, retirement income planning and equity release products,” said Clayton Collins, CEO of HousingWire. “We’re thrilled to welcome Jessica Guerin to the HousingWire team. Her industry knowledge and leadership will be instrumental in serving HousingWire and The Reverse Review readers.”

The Reverse Review was acquired in 2011 by AAG and Landmark Network, who partnered as co-publishers on the venture. Its print magazine ceased publication in late 2017 while AAG navigated options for expanding its reach and audience, ultimately deciding to sell the publication to HousingWire.

Under AAG’s ownership, The Reverse Review published regular content on issues pertaining to the reverse mortgage space. By giving members of the industry the opportunity to contribute to the conversation, it sought to provide a forum where professionals in the space could discuss their work and participate in a collective mission to advance the HECM market.

“The Reverse Review has been an extremely valuable resource for this industry for more than a decade. At a time when conversations about housing wealth are more important than ever, we felt it had the power to educate a broader audience about home equity use,” said Reza Jahangiri, CEO of AAG. “HousingWire provides the biggest and best platform to reach a more mainstream audience, especially housing and mortgage professionals interested in how seniors can buy or stay in a home, or just achieve better retirement outcomes, with home equity extraction tools like reverse mortgages.”