The nomination period for HousingWire’s Women of Influence program draws to a close today.

This unique annual awards program was launched to recognize the significant contributions of women in both mortgage finance and real estate.

The honors are given to individuals who are making notable contributions to both their businesses and to the industry at-large – with a specific focus on contributions made in the most recent 12 months. Their energy, ideas, achievements, as well as commitment to excellence and progress give us a look at the future of the industry.

Before we wrap up the nomination period, let’s tackle some frequently asked questions about the Women of Influence award:

1. Who decides who will be recognized as a Women of Influence honoree?

A panel of HousingWire’s editors and reporters will decide.

2. How can I nominate someone?

Nominations must be submitted online, click here for the form.

3. Why is there a nomination fee?

The nomination fee ensures award winner integrity by making only allowing serious candidates to be nominated, and covers editorial time. It takes a significant amount of time and resources for HousingWire’s editorial team members to organize and successfully determine who will be named to this year’s list.

Those selected to this year's class of Women of Influence will be featured in the upcoming August issue of HousingWire, and receive ongoing recognition on

4. Can I just call you or send you an email with the name of the person I'd like to nominate?

No. We need to have the form filled out, including contact information for the person you are nominating.

5. I want to nominate my boss, but would it be better if someone higher up nominated instead? Can I nominate a family member?

You can nominate yourself, a client, a family member, your boss, an employee, or an acquaintance. The most important thing is that you state a clear, business-oriented reason for the nomination.

6. How does the selection process work?

After we receive a nomination, the HousingWire editorial review board will individually read each submission to vet candidacy, and then meet as a panel select the finalists. The review board will look for achievements and professional success over the last 12 months. We will consider lifetime accomplishments in assessing a nomination, but are more focused on recent influence and accomplishments.

7. Can I contact you to see how my nominee is doing in the judging process?

No. We don't give status reports. If we need any further information, we will contact you. Please be patient.

8. I want to be selected for the Women of Influence program. Will it help to hire a public relations firm?

No. Publicists often submit candidates, but they do not influence the judging.

9. Can I nominate a previous winner? 

Yes. Keep in mind we are looking at accomplishments within the last 12 months (as I mentioned in the response to question 6), when assessing a nomination we are more focused on recent influence and accomplishments. 

To nominate someone, please click here for the form. If you have any more questions, feel free to send me an email at