Say it isn't so… the nomination period for HousingWire’s Tech100 is very quickly drawing to a close. This Friday, January 26, is the last day to apply for this top tech award.   


Did we mention it is free to apply? It’s completely free. Not many things in life are free, but this is one of them.


The Tech100 is an award reserved for the top technology companies leading the housing industry. After the nominations close, HousingWire editors score each entry and determine the final list of 100. The winners will be announced in the April edition of HousingWire Magazine.

Should I apply? What’s the criteria for submissions?

  • Offer technology and/or software that focuses on or enables one or more of the following industry sectors: residential mortgage lending, residential mortgage servicing, residential mortgage investments, or real estate.
  • The technology and/or software must be available to third party users and/or actively marketed and sold to third parties for use: this means pure play dot-coms are eligible, along with software development companies. Companies developing proprietary, in-house technology are not eligible.
  • The technology must be available in-market at time of application: no vaporware or pre-launches allowed.
  • Technology may be B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) in nature.

Where can you apply? Right here

If you have any last-minute questions, let me know via email,