Sixteen years ago today, on September 11, 2001, Americans were shocked to see nearly 3,000 lives lost to the terrorists attacks of that day.

Now, the housing finance industry stands together in solemn remembrance of the lives lost on that day, saying as Americans, we will never forget.

Ben Carson, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary, sent out a note to HUD employees, asking them to take time to remember the Americans who were lost on this tragic day.

First American Financial Corp. also remembered the fallen and the heroic acts performed 16 years ago today.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin expressed his gratitude toward first responders, and their courage on that day.

“As an American, and as a native New Yorker, memories of 9/11 stir deep emotions, even 16 years later,” Mnuchin said. “As we observe Patriot Day to honor those we lost that fateful day, our resolve to never forget remains as strong as ever.”

“At the Treasury Department, I lead a team of dedicated professionals working tirelessly every day to combat terrorist financing and constantly evolving threats across the globe,” he said. “I am humbled to work for the American people to protect our way of life, and our vital institutions and interests around the world, from those seeking to do us harm.”

During a remembrance speech today, President Donald Trump reminded Americans to stand together.

“When Americans are in need, Americans pull together – and we are one country,” Trump said. “And when we face hardship, we emerge closer, stronger and more determined than ever.”

Today, we remember those whose lives ended all-too soon 16 years ago. We remember the victims, the first responders, the heroes and the family and friends left behind.

The housing finance industry reminded the world that today, we remember. And we will never forget.