At the height of the foreclosure crisis, HousingWire regularly ran ads from a nonprofit called No Paws Left Behind.

The charity worked hard to find no-kill shelters for the droves of innocent cats and dogs being abandoned when their owners fled the property.

While we've lost contact through the years, and the fallout from housing bust began to ameliorate to some extent, it comes with some sadness to learn the act of abandoning pets is still happening.

Take the following Facebook post as proof: [UPDATE: The Facebook user restricted access to that post. HousingWire can respect that. We will add a non-identification photo of what was left behind though, because this story is bigger than you or me.]

Back to the real issue: What kind of monsters would leave THIS behind in a foreclosure?

Dog abandoned

But more importantly, what should be done about it? Please leave suggestions in the comments below.

And who can forget about our former reporter, Christine Ricciardi, who wrote in this HousingWire article about two kittens left behind in a foreclosure and then went and adopted them herself!

Unfortunately, in this case, we can't adopt this cute dog, but let me know if you think you can solve this problem.

UPDATE! Christine tweeted this to me, so must share the success story of the foreclosure kitten who found a good home!