HousingWire Magazine is pleased to announce the 2017 HW TECH100, an award reserved for the top technology companies leading the housing industry.

Inclusion on this list is a truly special honor — and here’s why: the HW TECH100 is the only list of tech innovation that captures the entire U.S. housing economy, spanning from real estate to mortgage lending, servicing and investments.

Making the cut puts these companies into unique territory as a tech leader in the housing economy.

From dot-coms and start-ups to established technology giants, each year the HW TECH100 features the most innovative technology firms driving the U.S. housing economy forward.

This year is no different.

There is hardly a corner of the mortgage space left that hasn’t been transformed in some way, either by fintech startups focusing on a specific software need or legacy companies evolving to compete in the new environment.

And the members of the 2017 HW TECH100 aren’t just passengers in the technological revolution; they’re in the driver’s seat.

Our winners should feel incredibly proud because making the cut this year was harder than ever before, as we set a record for the most nominations ever received for the HW TECH100.

And not only did we receive more nominations than ever before, the quality of the nominations was off the charts.

Selecting this year’s winners was one of the toughest decisions our editorial board has ever had to make, and if you check out the 2017 HW TECH100 honorees, you’ll see why.

So, click here to read all about the 2017 HW TECH100 and why each of these 100 companies is a true leader in the industry.

And congratulations to all our winners! The honor is richly deserved.