$1.6 trillion. This number defines the business potential you have in mortgage originations.

The trick is, how do you expect to beat out all the other companies in the mortgage space that are also fighting for their share? Here’s a strong start: social media.

You don’t have to look too hard to find someone giving you suggestions on how to master social media. But you’re not only trying to master social media, you’re trying to harness a tool to keep current clients and connect with future clients to grow your business.

Social media, to you, comes down to standing out among the competition and ensuring you’re painting your company in the appropriate light online.

Your business is significantly founded on client retention, so let’s make sure you’re doing it the mortgage way.  

Barbara Yolles, chief marketing officer with United Wholesale Mortgage, and Kristin Messerli, founder and managing director of Cultural Outreach Solutions, are renowned marketing experts in mortgage lending.

Yolles, as CMO of the No. 1 Wholesale lender in America, specializes in making sure brokers know how to market and brand themselves, giving them the tools they need to ensure client retention.

Meanwhile, Messerli’s expertise resides heavily in knowing how to market to Millennials. This is significant. Just as you would go to a couple that’s been married for a while for marriage advice rather than your teenager, you should go to a Millennial for advice on Millennials.

Together, Yolles and Messerli cover all facets of how to properly use social media to grow your mortgage business, which is why HousingWire asked them both to join us on an webinar that delves into the details on the matter on July 28 at 1 EST.

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