Working in the mortgage and housing finance industry can be greatly rewarding.

Such is the case when home inspector Paul Tateosian from Sarasota, Florida heard some meowing during a vacant property inspection.

Before he knew it, this grumpiest-looking homeless cat appeared and Tateosian became smitten.

And in the face in adversity, the home inspector saved the grumpy-looking cat from certain doom.

According to this viral Reddit post by the real estate agent accompanying Tateosian at the time, the tenants moved out the day before, everything was out of the house, and the owners had never lived there. The cat was by himself without food or water.

“At the end of it all, judging that there were no tenants or owners to take care of him, the inspector decided to take him home,” the agent adds. “Florida is full of things that would have killed this cat had we not helped him/her out. Hawks, eagles, alligators, bigger cats, FloridaMan, etc.”

So, the alternative spelling to Paul’s name is now “H-E-R-O.”

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