Friday’s release of George Clooney ego-vehicle Money Monster, may prove to be more lackluster than blockbuster judging by the opening weekend.

But the Jodie Foster-directed financial thriller, which sees TV stock tipper Lee Gates (Clooney) taken hostage by a disgruntled investor, held an unexpected consequence for a company near and dear to the mortgage finance industry.

Turns out, Gates is not the only one kidnapped.

As it happens, real estate valuation provider Clear Capital shares a name with the evil, faceless corporate villain in the movie.

The name of the corrupt financial services company that drives the plot of Money Monster? Ibis Clear Capital.

The actual Clear Capital is taking the name similarity in good spirits.

"We got a bit of a laugh when we learned that the makers of the film, Money Monster, named the failing investment firm, central to the movies plot, Ibis Clear Capital," said Clear Capital’s President, Kevin Marshall. "We expected some good natured ribbing from our friends in the industry, but we are not too concerned as it was only coincidental." 

It’s not the first time mistaken identities hit the mortgage finance industry. Remember back in 2009, when the Department of Banking and Finance in Georgia ordered Lighthouse Services to cease and desist from operating in the state’s mortgage industry?

The department was right to do so, as the Orange County, CA-based business is unlicensed. The problem is that the unrelated legitimate Orange County mortgage firm, Lighthouse Real Estate Solutions (LRES), got caught up in a case of mistaken identity. 

"It is not unusual to see name similarities with companies, especially in the mortgage field,” said Rod Carnes, the deputy commissioner for the non-depository financial institutions division in Georgia who issued the cease and desist on behalf the state’s Department of Banking and Finance, at the time.

So whether it’s "Ibis Clear Capital," as this article in the LA Times states…

Or if it’s just "Clear Capital" as this article in People states…

Or if it’s "Ibis Global Capital" as the Wikipedia page states…

... it's still one, big head scratching coincidence.

It also doesn't hurt that Money Monster is not exactly bringing in the big bucks. Even if it did, Marshall still wouldn’t get too bent out of shape about it.

"The reason we didn’t get nervous over the movie using our name was that any client, vendor or friend of our staff knows what quality, caring people they are. I’m proud of this team and how they treat people,” Marshall said.

"Our core values are based upon an attitude of servanthood, helping others, championing nice, smart people, always learning and improving, and relentlessly pursuing quality," he added.

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