Here at HousingWire, Sarah Wheeler moved into the Magazine Editor’s seat about a year ago.

What's more, she totally owned her new responsibilities. And now, there's proof.

That's because, as of today, this tremendous display of her skills is becoming public knowledge as she is recognized by Folio as “Director-Level Doer” in their annual TOP WOMEN IN MEDIA awards!

Ok, so we're pretty excited here, but you may be asking yourself, "I should care because...?"

Great question! The answer comes in two parts.

First, this puts Sarah, and HousingWire, in the company of some majorly, awesomely publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Quartz, to name only a few.

Being named to this award is no easy feat. For her part, Sarah took home the gold for her ability to take over the mortgage finance world’s most important print publication, while at the same time continuing to deliver on our vital branded content initiatives.

Second, and this point is wayyy more salient: HousingWire's Women of Influence award is now overseen by a TOP WOMAN IN MEDIA!

Nominations, by the way, are now open.

It's like the HousingWire Women of Influence award now comes with a +1.

The 2016 Women of Influence program will recognize the outstanding efforts of women in driving the U.S. housing economy forward.

This unique annual program – now in its sixth year – was the first such national effort of its kind, launched to recognize the significant contributions of women to both mortgage banking and real estate.

"Today’s leaders are innovating a world where borrowers can get approved for a mortgage anywhere and anytime and have access to an unlimited database of knowledge at their fingertips," explains HousingWire's digital reporter Brena Swanson, herself a member of the editorial board determining this year's winners.

Read more of her comments, here.

"The cornerstone of this program has always come down to one word, influence," she adds. "However, the world they’re influencing is rapidly evolving."

Winners can attend a free photography session to be held in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Guess who will be there?

That’s right!

Winners get to meet, Sarah Wheeler, HousingWire’s own Top Woman in Media. Also, they'll get a plaque. 

It's win-win, all the way around.