An emoji is worth a million feelings; it is practically the modern version of a picture is worth a thousand words. wink

So how far will emojis penetrate into how we communicate? blush

It’s already moving past texting. Facebook recently received a lot of buzz for its new “reactions.” smiley

An article in Wired by Liz Stinson explained the new update as an extension of an existing one; by long-pressing—or, on a computer, hovering—over the “like” button, users can now access five additional animated emoji with which to express themselves. 

HousingWire touched on this idea back in June last year, publishing a rough translation of a sample letter to a potential borrower from Minnesota Realtor Craig Kamman.

Even us Millennials at HousingWire struggled with what the proper definition of what all the faces mean. (Here are the answers).

Now Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Zoe Mendelson are jumping in on the topic and created an emoji listing for the White House in light of the opening for a new tenant next year. surprise

This time around, the listing should hopefully be much easier for readers to translate, especially given the translation directly underneath. yes

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(Source: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Zoe Mendelson)