Freddie Mac wants to help you close more low down payment mortgages.

Go ahead, you can do it.

To get started making more mortgage money, click here and register for the webinar that will explain it all.

You’re only $99 away from learning:

  1. Why is now a good time to safely close more Home Possible Advantage mortgages?
  2. How can a lender inspire confidence in Millennials to get a mortgage?
  3. What are some lessons for servicers when it comes to low down payment mortgages?

Last week, I sat through the dry run with our experts Danny Gardner, vice president, affordable lending and access to credit, Freddie Mac and Edward C. Shanks executive vice president, U.S. Bank Home Mortgage.

And to be honest, right after I wanted to become a mortgage broker to begin originating some of these loans.

For now, a career change isn’t in the cards for me, but I want to share a hint of the content with all of you:

Freddie Mac webinar glance

This is one of 25 slides in the webinar. Just one. Register here to see and hear about the other 24.