Work-life balance has been in the news a lot lately, especially in the area of paid parental leave. The actions of Silicon Valley heavyweights like Facebook and Microsoft have spurred other companies to compete by offering amazing benefits, which led us to wonder which firms in our space are doing the same.

Here are some of the stand-outs putting their money where their mouth is on things like parental leave, flex time, telecommuting and child care. To find these companies we looked at our own coverage and some "best companies" lists (Working Mother magazine had a great one) as a starting point. Think your company deserves to be here? Tell us why in the comments below.


  • Maternity leave: 16 weeks PTO
  • Paternity leave: 8 weeks PTO
  • 40 hours of back up child care per year
  • New parents can work locally with no travel for 1 year

Bank of America

  • Parental leave: 12 weeks PTO after 1 year employment
  • 25 days of back up childcare
  • $8,000 adoption fee assistance


  • Maternity leave: 16 weeks PTO
  • Paternity leave: 1 week PTO


  • Maternity leave: 2 to 8 weeks PTO
  • 8 company-subsidized day cares
  • Back-up care, including for adults

Fannie Mae

  • Maternity leave: 8 weeks PTO
  • Paternity leave: 4 weeks PTO

Freddie Mac

  • Working parents resource group
  • Maternity and adoption leave: 4 weeks PTO
  • Paternity leave: 3 weeks PTO

Goldman Sachs

  • Leave after a birth, surrogacy or adoption for primary caregivers: 16 weeks PTO
  • $5,000 adoption fee assistance
  • 20 days of backup childcare

JPMorgan Chase

  • 13 on-site child care facilities
  • 9 near-site day care centers
  • Day-care discounts nationwide

Morgan Stanley

  • $10,000 annual tuition aid
  • On-site medical centers
  • 25 days backup child care

Quicken Loans

  • Up to 5 weeks of PTO
  • PTO to volunteer

United Shore Financial Services

  • "Firm 40" policy ensures employees only work 40 hours a week

Zillow Group

  • Maternity leave: 16 weeks PTO
  • Paternity leave: 8 weeks PTO
  • $5,000 adoption fee assistance

HousingWire also makes this list: this year we implemented a flex-time schedule that includes two work-from-home days each week and unlimited PTO. You read that right — unlimited PTO, whether that's for vacation, illness or parental leave. We work with co-workers to cover our time off and work hard while we're here. The end result? Lots of productivity plus job satisfaction.