With each passing day, the mortgage industry moves closer to the becoming fully digital.

The technological revolution is happening, right now. It’s happening in every corner of the industry.

Here at HousingWire, we see that innovation happening and feel it deserves some serious kudos. The shouting it from the rooftops kind, to be exact.

It’s in that spirit that HousingWire honors the most innovative innovators who’ve innovated in the most innovative ways in the last year.

We do so in our 2016 HW TECH100™ program, which highlights industry technology firms spanning residential real estate as well as mortgage lending, servicing and investments.

» Learn more about our 2016 program here, including how to apply.

From dot-coms to start-ups, to established technology giants, the HW TECH100™ is the only look at the most innovative technology firms driving the U.S. housing economy.

This will be our fourth year highlighting the industry’s most innovative companies.

The nomination period runs through December 4, 2015, and is free, but even if the awards were to close right now, the list would be more than full.

During the nomination period for last year’s HW TECH100™, we were blown away by the quality of the work being done throughout the entire housing industry.

Seriously, this was us last year:


Check out the list of winners from last year, and you’ll see why.

So, if your tech skills have you feeling like this…

Then it’s high time that you get in on the HW TECH100™ program.

The nominations close on Friday, December 4 at midnight Central, so you better get on it!

» Learn more about our 2016 program here, including how to apply.

The nomination fee is $0. That’s right, it’s free. So you literally have no excuse to not get in on the 2016 HW TECH100™.

So, click here and tell us why your company deserves to be in the 2016 HW TECH100™.

What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you nominating your company now?

Like, right now?

Good luck to all!