Right now on the open internet forum, Reddit, a user named “bringonthegore” posted a pretty interesting question on the proper etiquette for attending a Realtor’s Open House — but going without any intention whatsoever of making an offer.

So, is it OK to gatecrash a Realtor’s open house? Technically you can’t gatecrash an open-invite event, but you get the point, and any real estate agent is bound to get some lookie-loos, so let's settle what’s right and what’s wrong here.

According to Realtors, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Bringonthegore explains:

"My 6 year old daughter LOVES houses (she comes by that honestly, so do her father and I). She loves going into strange homes, whether they are empty or have someone living there, it doesn't matter to her. We already own a home, but there have been TONS of open houses in our neighborhood lately, and she's been begging me to take her to one."

And here’s where she takes pause:

"My "problem" is that I feel sort of bad attending an open house as a lookie loo. I know other people do this all the time, but hey, a lot of people are really rude and inconsiderate. I don't want to be one of them. Is there anyway I can fulfill my daughter's request to attend an open house without wasting anyone's time and/or coming across as obnoxious?"

Surprising to me was the generosity of Realtor responses: Most are pretty cool with something like this.

Redditor “aardy” even suggested putting the little one’s to use “kids are fun to have at open houses. Like a month ago I trained a lookie loo kid to welcome people to the home and start describing the features and whatnot.”

That comment made “bringonthegore” feel better, but there is a down side to gatecrashing a Realtor’s Open House.

Yes, people from the neighborhood can come and look around, but they should be completely upfront with their intentions, the agents recommend.

*Do not pose as a buyer and engage the agent as it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

*Be polite and listen to the Realtor’s sales pitch. They’re selling a home and may wish to practice it on you to see if it resonates.

*Do not think you know more about the local housing market than the Realtor. Really, that’s just annoying, so don’t be that person.

User “Scolirk” explains: “I'd rather have someone come through my open house with no interest of buying, but being friendly and honest, than someone who thinks they know more about the market and selling process than an agent and wastes my time with verbal offers $100k below ask.”

So there you have it, everyone, behave accordingly and be sure to post your experience in the HousingWire message boards below!