The world of credit scores if often misunderstood, which is not a good thing since scores play a large role in whether or not you will qualify for a mortgage.

For example, HousingWire recently reported that Millennials don’t borrow and lend in the same way as their predecessors, leaving a lot of them without access to credit.

“The Millennials are disproportionately turned down due to traditional credit score calculation that favor consumers with more established credit behavior,” a report from ID Analytics stated.

“Using a score that includes alternative data from wireless providers, marketplace, or other online lenders will not only be more predictive, but also more predictive in the very industries millennials are seeking to start their credit relationships,” it continued.

I partnered with Rod Griffin, Experian’s director of public education, in order to help clear the air a little bit on what factors play into your credit score, along with what exactly is a credit score.

After taking the quiz, feel free to peruse Experian’s “Ask Experian” website if you have any further questions.

And a word of caution, Griffin noted that there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding credit scores, so don’t assume you know all the answers.

A few of them might fool you.

Also, be sure to read the extra information at the end of each question for a more in-depth explanation behind the answer.