Summer is almost over.

While we will still be here squirreling away working, it’s time to say goodbye to our favorite summer interns.

No longer will we have someone to fetch our caramel latte, with a double shot of espresso, coconut milk and extra caramel for us (not that I’m picky). No longer will we have someone to do the tedious task of filing all our paperwork on the computer, and most importantly, no longer will he have someone to bring a little more humor and fun to the office.

The industry can go many ways when it comes to interns.

In June, Goldman Sachs (GS) shocked the industry by demanding that its summer interns be out of the office between midnight and 7 a.m. Because sleeping at the office is so much fun.

Thankfully this type of work environment is not universal. And it shouldn’t be. How is the industry going to convince Millennials to pursue careers in banking if they're never going to be able to sleep? I am pretty sure being a software developer or medical professional will continue to win out.

Thankfully, there are banks like this one that continue to bring some good-hearted humor into the industry.

Central National Bank, the Waco bank that brought you great hits like this President’s Day video, released a new video about its summer interns.

At Central National Bank, we're always looking to improve things, including our summer internship program. So, we recently conducted exit interviews with our interns. Take a look at what they had to say about working at CNB

We had to say goodbye to our summer intern as well this week, but not without instilling in her the true meaning of journalism.

HousingWire intern Allison Tester:

In my time as an intern, I learned how a newsroom operates, how to write for the mortgage finance industry and why Chipotle Friday is the best day of the month.

We taught her well.

But in all seriousness, thanks for all your hard work and good luck at college.