Ah, the fancy car.

The symbol of American success.

Power, stability, money, and if you work in real estate, probably completely unnecessary.

At least that’s the consensus of a Reddit Realtor thread happening today.

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Apparently, someone just got into real estate and asked for some advice on the following Reddit conversation:

I'm just starting out and I have a decent, but not great Buick Rendezvous. It's definitely seen 3 years of kids, dogs and cargo. Would it be more advisable to put a little $$ into it to make it serviceable, or should I trade it in for a newer "classier" vehicle? Would it make enough of a difference in my image, or can I make a newer car an investment goal for year 2 or 3?

The consensus is that a fancy car is not a necessity, but real estate agents should not completely dismiss the fact that you’ll be driving around potential homeowners.

"It doesn't affect your business ONE BIT to drive around in a Mercedes, Realtors can be a little self absorbed sometimes, and this is where it comes from," said one response. "I don't think you want to drive around in a 1994 Honda Civic, but you don't need a brand new BMW either."

Actually more important, than the car being fancy or expensive, which one argued could look too “flashy,” commenters agreed that the vehicle should be kept very clean.

However, an opposing voice had the following input:

"I drove a rapidly rusting 20-year-old VW Eurovan for my first 2 years in business, and my clients loved it! Would still be driving it if the transmission didn't go on it," they wrote.

As for me, I could care less about what it looks like.

As a homebuyer, what's more important to me is the car smells clean. I've been in one Realtor’s vehicle where the smell of food/animals made me feel totally nauseous.

It did not put me in a good mood to buy a home.