OK, so this is the official/unofficial launch for the official/unofficial Jacob Gaffney campaign to make 99 Homes the biggest blockbuster movie this year.

  From Slate:

Set in Florida in the aftermath of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, the suspenseful drama stars Michael Shannon as real-estate shark Rick Carver and Andrew Garfield as the man that Carver kicks out of his home and then tries to make his apprentice.

Yes. This is a real movie that is definitely happening.

It opens Sept. 25 and, apparently, it was a big hit on the festival circuit. 

So how closely does Hollywood mimic life?

Does the trailer below sensationalize the eviction process? Pretty much.

Does the trailer below fairly portray the eviction process during foreclosures? Well, pretty much.

Most people I speak to are more sensitive to the former homeowners, much more sensitive, but let's face it: there are plenty of rogue elements out there.

But as Shannon states in the movie, rather matter-of-factly: “I didn’t kick you out, the bank did.”

If this trailer is anything to go by, this movie will be well worth watching for everyone in the housing and mortgage finance space.

Slate.com is even saying that actor Michael Shannon is gaining “Oscar buzz” in his portrayal of a real estate version of Gordon Gekko.

And it’s a film about how to recruit top talent into your mortgage business.

Take when Shannon motivates others by declaring: "Only one in 100 are gonna get on that ark, son. Every other poor soul is going to drown."

Yup, they don't call it distressed real estate for nothing.

But, seriously, let’s go see this thing; we owe it to life.

Take a look and tell me what you think.