Remember that tagline CNN used to have: “It’s not news. It’s CNN.”

Never has that been more appropriate. Just not in the way they hoped for it, anyway.

CNN has been circling the drain for quite a while now, hanging on to its last, tattered vestiges of credibility like it hangs onto Asian airline disaster stories. 

But when you regularly lose in the ratings to MSNBC, you call yourselves a news organization but you won't show pictures of a magazine cover at the center of a horrific Islamic murder spree, and you turn your meager talent pool into a game show to try to keep up, it’s time to throw in the towel and become a parody site, like NBC News or

Latest case in point – and one that hits our territory – an undated but recent interview with Housing & Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro.

With the cheesy background music – yes it has music – multiple camera angles, and the slick graphics, it comes across as more a campaign advertisement than any stab at an interview.

The gist of the short film is that “Now is the time to buy a home” and despite the graphics, it’s got all the nutritional value of a White House approved school lunch.

One hopes, of course, that CNN got permission from the National Association of Realtors for using their trademarked messaging. 

It’s not clear whether this was produced before or after the recent and roundly mocked interview with the President that – as Jack Shafer so perfectly put it – “I’ve seen subtler Scientology recruitment films.”

But one thing is for sure – CNN news person Christine Romans nods like a choir leader in an urban church at everything Castro has to say.

It’s just – it’s really awful.

Take a look. It’s two minutes and 50 seconds I can’t have back, so I’m spreading the joy to you. 

If you're having trouble with the embedded player below, click here to watch it on CNN Money. They need the traffic.