Central National Bank did it again.

President’s Day quickly gets overshadowed by roses, chocolate and teddy bears.

But there is one lone wolf group that still gets to sit at home with an extra three-day weekend to celebrate America’s history: Bankers.

“Before you get in the car on Monday Feb. 16 to go to the grocery store, before you get sick and need the hospital or before you get someone breaking into your house and want to call the police on them, guess what? You probably ought to call them first and go, “Hey are y’all open?” Probably not, President’s Day: Biggest holiday of the year," joked Joseph Nesbitt, president of Tower Real Estate & Commercial Lending with Central National Bank.

This video comes from the same guys that brought you, “The Columbus Day video Most Banks Don’t Want You to See.”

Not all banks are created equal, and not all banks get Columbus Day off or President’s day off. But Central National Bank made it their mission, or better yet “challenge” to bring light to the pressing issue. And they continue to deliver hysterical videos along the way.