Not going to lie, I’m a Logan Mohtashami Twitter fan, even if when I try to pronounce his name it sounds like Al Sharpton’s war on the English language.

Today, in a Twitter exchange, he and another Twitter favorite of mine, Rudy Havenstein, basically destroyed the blind MOPE economic optimism whose sun never sets on CNBC.

(MOPE is Management of Perspective Economics, a term coined by Jim Sinclair. It's the foolish idea that if economists and the media create the image of growth and the belief that things are getting better, then the economy will actually grow and things will actually get better.)

This is perfectly timed, given that Gallup president and CEO Jim Clifton just outed -- for those who haven't been paying attention -- the MOPEry of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' phoney baloney monthly employment report.

Anway, here’s your shot:

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And the chaser?

Here's proof of that so-called boom from Logan on Twitter:

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Below is the actual exchange.