No one should want to see police use force, and it’s up in the air whether it was too much or just the right amount of force – but you can’t blame the owner of Real Estate Brokers in Tempe, Arizona for seeming to be OK with the police methods.

Seems that a – what’s the right word? – let’s go with hobo, because when you’re camped out blocking a business door with your open liquor bottle, homeless doesn’t cover it – a hobo didn’t seem to want to move and a Tempe police officer had to give the man what they call in the series Reno 911 “a little stick time.”

Internal affairs is investigating what the Real Estate Brokers’ office caught on video.

Witnesses describe the hobo as being out of it, and pretty big.

"It's big strong guy and a guy that was probably passed out or maybe not in his right state of mind being attacked like that," Courtney Husted, who manages a nearby business, told local media.

"The officer got kicked in the face," said Joseph Lewis, the owner of "The Real Estate Brokers.”

Lewis has several cameras mounted around the front of his business running 24/7.

"It's interesting viewing, especially on any Friday or Saturday night," Lewis said to local media. "You can't block an entrance and that was what he was in violation of.”

As reported, much of the weekend and night-time action on Mill Avenue involves homeless people camping out.

"We've had a homeless guy dump a bowl of candy down his pants before in the store," Husted said. "We've had a guy pee on the floor before."

The officer is on-duty while internal affairs looks into the incident.

Cue the video? Cue the video.