Last year, we announced an exclusive and innovative partnership with, designed to bring U.S. bank data directly to mortgage and housing market participants.

We’ve been hard at work in product development since that time, and I’m proud to announce today that this unique partnership has led to the launch of HW Bank Reports.

Starting immediately, you’ll be able to access some of the most complete bank data covering every FDIC-insured banking institution in the United States.

Why does this matter?

If you’re a business that provides products or services to the U.S. housing economy, chances are that at least some of your clients – if not the majority of your clients – are banks.

Not just national banks, or even mega-regionals, but often smaller and community-sized banks that make up the majority of the U.S. banking system.

But which banks should you be targeting? Who do you need to contact? Imagine knowing information like the following:

  • Which banks are seeing their servicing portfolios expand (or contract)?
  • Where are REO portfolios growing? Where are charge-offs increasing?
  • Who is originating an increasing amount of residential mortgage loans?
  • Who is securitizing their mortgages? Who is holding MBS in their portfolios?
  • What about knowing this information geographically – so if you focus on California, for example, you can find local banks that may need what you have to offer?

With HW Bank Reports, we’ve worked with our partners at to deliver a unique product that can help you answer these questions – and for a lot less money than you’d think.

Each report collects over 200 different data points on every U.S. bank (or, if you purchase a regional report, on every bank in a particular U.S. region).

Even better, the data is delivered via dynamic and simple to use Excel spreadsheets – a tool you already know how to use, so you can get the most out of the data, and use it to meet your specific business needs, whatever they may be.

Our launch of HW Bank Reports is the first step towards offering U.S. mortgage and housing market participants a rich set of accessible, downloadable, and cost-effective data that can drive better business decisions.

Our mission here at HousingWire has always been to move markets forward: and today, I’m proud to say we’re helping our readers do that more than ever before.

HW Bank Reports are available now, and have just been updated to include the most recent FDIC call report data from the end of June.

Learn more about HW Bank Reports here.