Now that the World Cup is behind us and hipsters everywhere can stop pretending that they like sports, we turn our attention to a game that Germany has never won – the Major League Baseball All-Star game.

The All-Star game is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET in Minneapolis, and in honor of that ZIpRealty sent us this breakdown of the housing market all-stars – breaking them down by biggest hitters, best batting averages, and the lowest earned run averages. 

ZipRealty surveyed real estate conditions among rival "teams" in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles County, Orange County, New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, San Francisco and Oakland, California.

“Baseball rivalries are heating up this time of year, so we wanted to see how these areas of the country − with major league teams representing the National League and American League − compare,” said Lanny Baker, CEO of ZipRealty. “But no matter where your allegiance lies, scoring a new home is easy when you search on our real estate apps and website. These tools, along with the guidance of a ZipRealty  real estate agent, can give you a jump on the competition, especially in such high-velocity housing markets.”

Metro areas with the highest median home sales prices, or biggest hitters, are mostly on the West Coast, according to data collected through May 31 by ZipRealty. Here’s how the biggest hitters stack up:

  1. San Francisco home price: $1 million
  2. Orange County home price: $550,000
  3. The Bronx, N.Y./Westchester County, N.Y. home price: $485,000
  4. Oakland, California home price: $448,725
  5. Los Angeles County home price: $445,00
  6. Queens, N.Y./Nassau County home price: $415,000
  7. Washington, D.C. home price: $363,500
  8. Chicago’s North Side home price: $266,750
  9. Baltimore home price: $235,000
  10. Chicago’s South Side home price: $55,000

Areas with the best batting averages or biggest year-over-year growth in median home sales prices as of May 31 are:

  1. Oakland, Calif. home price growth: 25%
  2. Chicago’s South Side home price growth: 22%
  3. San Francisco home price growth: 20%
  4. Chicago’s North Side and Los Angeles County home price growth: 16%
  5. The Bronx, N.Y./Westchester County, N.Y. home price growth: 12%
  6. Orange County home price growth: 10%
  7. Queens, N.Y./Nassau County N.Y. home price growth: 6%
  8. Washington, D.C. home price growth: 4%
  9. Baltimore home price growth: 1%

Metros with the lowest days on market or the lowest Earned Run Averages (ERAs) include:

  1. Oakland, Calif.: 16 days
  2. Washington, DC: 19 days
  3. Chicago’s North Side: 25 days
  4. Los Angeles County and Orange County: 27 days
  5. San Francisco: 31 days
  6. Baltimore: 44 days
  7. Chicago’s South Side: 48 days
  8. Queens, N.Y./Nassau County, N.Y.: 83 days
  9. The Bronx, N.Y./Westchester County, N.Y.: 125 days 

So nevermind soccer.

This is the American Dream the way America America'ed it, America.