No one thinks of cabinet secretaries as funny.

OK, there is that one undersecretary of at the Department of Agriculture (pictured below), but that’s more about his funny accent when he says “quadrotriticale.”

It’s not clear if Nilz Baris is funny, or just that no one takes him seriously.

Anyway, Shaun Donovan, the outgoing secretary of the Department of Housing & Urban Development, decided as he’s packing his boxes that it’s time to let his humor flag fly at BuzzFeed with a list of the top 10 reasons homeownership never goes out of style.

And yes, we checked, though BuzzFeed hasn’t verified his account, Donovan’s press secretary told HousingWire today that it was Donovan’s post.

As the U.S. economy gradually strengthens, many folks still argue that renting a home beats buying. And in a lot of cases that’s certainly true—especially for younger potential buyers saddled with debt. But for those ready to own, homeownership has historically served as a vehicle for Americans to build equity, start businesses, put kids through college, and retire with comfort and dignity. Of course, there are some other reasons why homeownership is great, too. So as we cap off National Homeownership Month today, I thought I’d share.

His list includes animated graphics and is funny as all get-out. Unlike at least one of his press people, Donovan knows how to use the Internets.


Give it a read.