There are few things I love more than pop culture obsessed fans – the ones who make shot-by-shot remakes of Star Wars, or create a screen showing all 726 episodes of every Star Trek series at once.

Now comes someone so obsessed with the Fox animated comedy “Bob’s Burgers” that they have calculated, to the dollar and square foot, exactly how much burger joint and his apartment above it cost. 

Turns out that Bob is facing the same situation of every other American – housing affordability challenges, and the fact that he’s throwing away money renting when he’s sitting on a gold mine.

Laura Allan, a real estate professional, worked this all out because of her love for the show.

“Bob is always complaining about his rent, but how much would that building be worth? Where is this restaurant located?” she wondered.

And then set about finding out, with the help of the Movato Real Estate Blog.

“I grabbed a burger from my local In-N-Out, watched every episode on Netflix, and did some serious math. In the end, I found that Bob would have to fork over at least $796,446 to buy the place from Mr. Fischoeder,” she says. “But did I stop there? Oh no. Like with Linda and wine, I definitely don’t know when to stop.”

Click the oddly shaped graphic below to see it in its glorious, awesome full size.

She also worked out, by guesstimate and expert eye, the full floor plan of the restaurant and apartment, which includes the restaurant/kitchen, a customer bathroom, three bedrooms, one walk-in closet turned into a bedroom, an upstairs kitchen and dining room, a living room and bathroom, along with a basement.

All that comes out to a total of 2,058 square feet, she figured.

With a little detective work, Allan figured out that Bob’s Burgers is likely set in Ocean City, New Jersey (where else could it be with Linda’s nails-on-chalkboard accent?) and that the cost of a home/business in the area would run to $387 per square foot.

Meaning Bob is sitting on property worth $796,446.

But since Bob and his family don’t own, they rent, and for the area Allan worked out it would cost him about $3,924 per month.

“Yeah, you can see why Bob is always complaining,” she says.

How many burgers to cover that nut? He’d have to sell 750 Parma Parma Parma Chameleon Burgers (with parmesan crisp), Charbroil Fair Burgers (Comes with Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme), and Mushroom With A View Burgers (Porcini on a double decker).

It’s a fun read. Check it out. But the weird part is, he’s a cartoon but he’s facing the same problems in housing the rest of America is.

Next week – What are the property values on Spooner Street in Quahog? Did they go down this season? Is Dora exploring America easily with the cost of gas going up? And finally, does Bart Simpson’s refusal to move out after 20 years mean he’s one of those stubborn Millennials with too much student debt?