People stand in never-ending lines for hours in hopes to just meet a celebrity and get their sacred autograph, but does this same awestruck appeal translate into the real estate world.

Celebrity homes go for millions of dollars when put on the market, but Movoto found a way to gauge just how much a celebrity’s footprint on a house is really worth.

The real estate site created a handy infographic that looks at 12 celebrities who recently sold their home and compared the price per square foot to the average price per square foot of similar homes recently sold in the area.

While Katy Perry might be one of the top singers right now, with songs like Wide Awake and Roar, her real estate skills don’t hold the same title. She sold her home for an average $628 per square foot compared to $861 for the area.

On the other side, Mark Wahlberg could win an Oscar for his real estate skills. Out of all the celebrities on the lists, he made the most off his home, with a healthy profit of $8 million. 

(Source Movoto: click for larger image)