HousingWire Magazine was recognized by the American Inhouse Design Awards for Whole Issue and two Opening Features.

The awards showcase outstanding work by inhouse designers, recognizing them for "their creativity, for the special challenges they face, and for their contributions to their business and institutions."

Greg Lakloufi, executive creative officer at HousingWire, spearheaded a magazine redesign four years ago. "We don't look at the magazine as a simple business or trade magazine. We engineer the magazine with the readers in mind — bankers, lawyers and venture capitalists respond with the same level of emotion as the readers of Architectural Digest or Rolling Stone." 

The Whole Issue winner — our March 2014 magazine — features Jay Bray, CEO of Nationstar Mortgage, on the cover. Inside features include stories on HELOC defaults, paperless mortgages, Bitcoin in real estate, and the HW Tech100 award winners.

"Winning the Whole Issue award is especially meaningful because it means the magazine has to be good from cover to cover," said Rosangel Torres, art director at HousingWire. "The look and feel of the March issue as a whole is very consistent, and speaks with one voice, even though the stories are so different."


HousingWire also won in the Opening Features category for two spreads. "For Rent" illustrates the story of a growing renter society with American iconic symbols, while "Powerless" features a photograph of a New York City power outage.

"The typography, the color contrast of the blackout with the emergency vehicles — it all illustrates the vulnerabilities of the mortgage market at that time. In the city that never sleeps, it shows how powerless they were," Torres said.

Lakloufi, recently nationally recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential and Impactful Creative Professionals by Folio Magazine, said HousingWire is specifically engineered to incorporate a multiple-points-of-entry design so readers can pick it up and start reading anywhere.

"We are constantly pushing our creative and editorial teams to go beyond the expectations. We deliver editorial content in an attractive, challenging and insightful package, and we're not afraid to explore beyond the status quo," he said.