One company has seen the future. And it’s not mortgages. It’s marijuana. Premier Mortgage Resources (PMRS), a mortgage lender, has apparently decided that navigating through the weeds that exist in the mortgage industry is too tough for them. They’re chosen to chase the green in a new way.

PMR will soon be no more. They’re going from the mortgage business to the marijuana business. Alternaturals will soon rise from the ashes.

With marijuana completely legal in Colorado and Washington and medical marijuana legal in many other states, Alternaturals has spotted a market opportunity and is abandoning the mortgage industry to chase it.

Alternaturuals will offer “a product line consisting of products containing hemp, medical marijuana, and many natural substances as alternatives to prescription drugs.”

According to a release from the company, the “product line” has been in development for many years and “uses proprietary blends of natural substances to accomplish the same effect as many prescription medications without the dangerous side effects.”

Several of the products in the company’s product line will contain THC, “the active ingredient that causes intoxication,” and others will not.

The company is hoping to get out ahead of the marijuana legalization movement by selling the products without THC in states where marijuana use is currently illegal. The company says that by setting up distribution in those states, it will be positioned to be the first to sell marijuana legally in those states once the drug is legalized.

Some of the other products that Alternaturals will offer are “safe, natural remedies for many ailments such as sleep disorders, pain, low testosterone levels, and more.”

The company has plans to release these products online, through brick and mortar retail distribution and in marijuana dispensaries. The company has already identified prospective distribution channels and is prepared to begin shipping product in a few months.

The company’s recently appointed president and CEO, Emmanuel Gyamfi, will lead the company through this massive shift. The company says that its website will be live in 30 to 45 days.

If this works, will it be a harbinger of things to come? Will this lead to a massive mortgage-to-marijuana migration? What'll be the next mortgage company to go up in smoke? We'll soon find out.