This is how you reach Millenials.

Roostify is a start-up that just launched in January with a mortgage software service that lets loan officers, real estate agents, underwriters and borrowers share and track information, documents and transactions on one platform.

Since then, they’ve signed partnerships with Liquid Logics, Xetus and FormFree to integrate some of the best software on the market into a true electronic mortgage experience. And it’s only March.

No wonder they won the HW Tech100 award for Market Potential.

And who is going to make up that market? It’s safe to say that Roostify’s end-to-end, web-based loan processing platform is a direct shot over the bow of young, first-time homebuyers.

Plus, the CEO said, when it comes to digital, the secret to selling is understanding that Millenials are WAY more open.

“With respect to first-time homebuyers — even Gen X first-time homebuyers — they have been on Facebook their entire life,” said Rajesh Bhat, CEO of Roostify in an interview with HousingWire. “They have a completely different notion of interfacing with people. They are very comfortable sharing data online and they have a heightened sense of responsiveness.”

Roostify’s mortgage platform appeals to that online, consumer-focused sensibility by making it quick to complete a mortgage application online, thanks to their partnership with FormFree — the winner of the HW Tech100 award for Unique Solution. FormFree’s AccountChek software lets borrowers pull in personal asset information into the mortgage application, which speeds the application process to a mere 10-20 minutes.

“Some online mortgage applications are just regurgitations of the 1003, and there’s a certain amount of fallout,” Bhat said. “We make it easy for the buyer — they just have to click buttons to pull in their banking information. The easier you make it to share that information, the higher the conversion rate will be.”

The company’s platform makes sense for lenders, too. AccountChek doesn’t just pull in documents, but the data from those documents — hence the Unique Solution award. This saves underwriters the trouble of reviewing documents for data and then entering in that data.

“Roostify is a solution where the verification documents are presented up-front with the application. After a borrower uploads the application, the underwriter is really in a position to decide on the loan within 24-48 hours. It allows for real-time decisioning on loan approvals,” Bhat said.

And Roostify makes the whole mortgage timeline transparent to everyone involved in the process: realtors, underwriters, and borrowers. Typical mortgage closings seem like a mysterious process to consumers, with little communication to the borrower about what needs to happen, and when. As Roostify seeks to rectify that, first-time homebuyers are sure to notice.

This is how you reach Millenials.