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Yes, direct debit is amazingly convenient, but think about getting to know your neighbors as well.

A recent article in USA Today reported a contractor working on a foreclosed home discovered a mummified body — which was believed to be the remains of the homeowner, who had not been seen by neighbors for years — in the attached garage.

The body of the woman, who was in her 40s, was tragically discovered Wednesday in the backseat of a Jeep in her garage, the article noted.

She is believed to have been dead since 2008.

However, since she had $54,000 in her account and her bills were being deducted, she was never suspected to be dead.

It was not till the money ran out and the house went into foreclosure that her remains were finally found.

For years, no one came and went at the house, and that was OK.

It wasn't until the neighbors themselves had a problem with raccoons going in and out of the property, that they complained.

By that time, the lender had taken back the mortgage and so sent a repair man to fix the roof.

Upon inspection of the property, the mummified remains of the former homeowner was found in the backseat of her vehicle, tucked away in the garage.