Getting Millennials to become homebuyers is proving a challenge for a number of reasons.

Could it be lenders and sellers aren’t speaking the right language?

We've looked at how student debt and changing lifestyles are putting off the formation of new households. Student debt is the second-largest type of household debt after mortgage debt.

But, as mortgage debt continues to improve, student debt is becoming more cumbersome, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York asserted recently.

Do you think 20-somethings know that “30-year mortgage rates have shredded to their chilliest levels of 40 years?”

Could Conan O’Brien and Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg have cracked the code?

“Don’t get caught on your backside edge while shredding the gnar on the fresh pow-pow hunkered and dope-a fakee stoked about spicy mortgage ollie half pipe double cork roast beef air…”

Kotsenburg  promises “Historic chill levels” so they can “Refinance like a boss.”

OK, it’s getting a little too silly. Best to just enjoy the video “Sage Kotsenburg's Totally Dope Refi Mortgage.”

P.S. - That sweet, sweet refi will have to wait since the phone number in the ad is sadly not real.