I'm pleased to announce that today, we're opening up nominations for a new program at HousingWire called the HW TECH25™.

First, a little bit of background. On the heels of last year's hugely successful RETech:50 program, which recognized 50 technology leaders in the real estate sector, we've decided to refine the way we look at industry technology -- by both narrowing our gaze (just 25 firms make the cut this year), and expanding our horizons (to include the entire housing economy) at the same time.

We did this to accomplish a singular goal: developing a unique tech awards program that has real meaning for the industry, and for those who make the cut.

I think we've done that here. Beyond the unique scope and size of this competition, what's really unique about the HW TECH25™ program is our clear-cut focus on innovation. That's why we say those that win are the most innovative software companies in today's housing economy.

We've defined innovation among six unique dimensions, and applicants looking to make the cut are asked to demonstrate how a specific technology meets one or more of the criteria. There is a lot of great technology out there, but we're looking for technology that is truly innovating and changing the industry -- from technology companies that stake their reputation on the software they provide.

It's this focus that we think is a game-changer, frankly.

It also mirrors our own corporate focus at HousingWire, where we've spent more than half of a decade building a successful media outlet around the key principles of innovation. We know how hard it is to innovate, and to consistently be resetting the bar for what is possible -- and that's why we've decided to put together a tech recognition program that can shine a light on those companies out to disrupt a trillion-dollar industry.

Tech companies innovating in the mortgage lending, servicing and investment space are encouraged to apply, as are real estate tech firms. Applications are due no later than January 31 -- so if you're planning to enter, now's the time to get cracking.

We'll be announcing the inaugural class of the HW TECH25™ in our March issue of HW Magazine. Only subscribers will get to read the inside scoop on the 25 most innovative technologies changing the face of the nation's housing economy -- and why we've selected such an incredible group of innovators for this year's list. It's unique, expert and independent insight like this that truly sets HW apart from the rest of the pack, after all.

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