Back in September 2008, HW Magazine innovated the first monthly magazine to cover every side of U.S. housing finance in a single compendium: lending, servicing, investments and real estate.

Since then, HW Magazine has gone on to become the nation's single most award-winning monthly covering U.S. housing finance. More than 25 awards for editorial and design excellence in the past three years alone. Nothing else comes close.

Yet, at HousingWire, we aren't content to ride our past accomplishments. And as 2014 arrives, so too does a completely rethought HW Magazine. It's time. And in fact, it's probably the single most dramatic overhauling of the content in our monthly flagship since the magazine first launched. (Yes, really.) 

Here's a summary of the changes you'll see, starting with the January issue:

  • Refreshed Lineup. In the front of the magazine -- what we call The Lineup -- we've done away with lifestyle coverage of restaurants, and gone too are in-depth book reviews. (We'll still cover the books you need to be reading, but in shorter review form.) Instead, we're offering a direct view into the product and service launches that move markets with a brand new department, called Launches.  We're also giving key industry experts, practioners and pundits a voice with The Sounding Board, which asks about a key industry issue each month. Also, you can find out who's having the best month ever -- and who's not -- in a new department called Hot or Not. Each month, we look at three people, companies, or issues that are on the rise or out in the cold.
  • More in-depth features. We're expanding our feature stories and working with exclusive writers to deliver more in-depth, research-driven and investigative feature content you simply won't read anywhere else. We're also focusing on delivering more inside looks at the people that matter most to an industry, by featuring some of the industry's biggest names in a light not often seen.
  • More data. As we move in 2014 to offer direct data to our readers, you'll also find more data in the pages of HW Magazine, too. Each month, our editors and creatives are pulling together an incredible infographic designed to bring a key industry dataset into clear context and focus. And we're providing you with a league table of key economic indicators, too: from housing starts to home prices, economic data to mortgage securities, we have you covered top to bottom.
  • More focused commentary. Each month, we'll be running leading commentary from some of the brightest minds in U.S. housing finance -- exclusive to HW Magazine. Often controversial, always bold, the opinions you'll read will stimulate how you see the industry we're all a part of and may even challenge you to rethink what you think you know about mortgages.
  • Completely revamped back departments. The back of HW Magazine is entirely new, must-read content. Each month, a new department, simply called People, highlights an industry executive in-depth, getting beyond their business to look at the person behind the business and what they've done to succeed. Another new department, The Angle, dissects the investment prospects for a key industry stock traded as part of the HW 30 equity index in a way that only expert industry knowledge can do. A new department, The Economy, will provide you with context and analysis centered on a key economic issue, from employment to new home starts. What's Next will look at trends and far-future ideas that are set to emerge, and could redefine mortgage banking as we know it. And News Wrap gives you a view into the major news stories of the past month, without any of the fluff.

In other words, it's pretty much a completely new magazine -- and one we think you'll want to read cover to cover, each and every month. We've spent months working to rethink how we deliver our content to HW readers: from integrating digital magazine distribution to web design, and all the way through to what sort of content we write each month for HW Magazine.

If you don't subscribe, now's the time to make a New Year's resolution that will actually stick -- because you can't read any of this unique content each month unless you have a subscription! Click here for subscription options to HW Magazine.