Continuing HousingWire’s series of mortgage finance memes, 2013 wielded such an abundance of events that it needed a Part Two in our ongoing holiday meme presentation. And admit it, we all could use the extra laugh this season.

Even though talks of the Fed tapering its monthly purchases of mortgage-backed securities and Treasurys first arrived in May, the real announcement didn't come until December.

And between May and December, the market played a continuous guessing game, with everyone betting on when tapering would begin.

Nothing explains all the confusion around QE tapering better than these HW memes ...


Then once it finally became official, everyone in the market became vocal on whether they approved of the taper or not.



Just days before the taper announcement, Federal Housing Finance Agency Acting Director Edward DeMarco announced an expected rise in the guarantee-fees charged to do mortgage business with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as seen below. 

One does not s

The two government-sponsored entities spent a lot of time in the limelight this year, with heightened demand for reform. But will reform come anytime soon? This meme sums up the answer...


Taking a step away from the political side of tapering, borrowers are left with the threat of rising interest rates in 2014. While tapering shows positive signs for the economy, home shoppers still have to adjust to higher interest rates and mortgage payments. But as many economists are quick to emphasize, rates remain historically low.

The following memes shed light on how the housing finance market looks to consumers.




But at the end of the day, this might be the biggest fear homeowners face ...