This past year will go down in the history books for its dirt-cheap interest rates and the imminent start of MBS and Treasury tapering. And while it was a landmark year for housing, 2014 brings its own set of hurdles.

HousingWire set out to encapsulate the various milestones in the market in a two part series of memes.  

Memes are pictures that have gone viral that contain one or two quick, witty and satirical lines.

But this is not the first time HousingWire has set out to accomplish such a feat. Back in May 2012, we first tried our hand at memes, and in my biased opinion, we nailed it.

So here we go again. Here are the industry's memes for 2014 ...

One of the hottest topics in 2014 is compliance. Lenders and servicers are sifting through piles of new rules as we speak to triple check their ability to comply. But with these soon to be enacted rules comes a slew of memes we thought appropriate.






Besides compliance, borrowers are also adjusting to new lending guidelines. The fluidness of lending continues to shift -- sometimes it's tight, other times it's accessible. So what does this mean for the average home shopper? These memes should help paint a better picture.



Despite volatility in the market in 2013, 2014 presents just another set of questions for the housing market. Since the crash in 2008, lenders and borrowers have made significant strides in improvement.  However, the following memes reveal the many questions that still need to be answered.



housing recovery



And at the end of the day, if you still find yourself without answers, you can always be sure to check for the latest coverage on the housing market.